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We currently have 2247 au pairs & nannies for , the following 321 have full files:
106503 Gabriela
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:29 Romanian Email 
From: Jul-17 for 24 months
NEW Speaks English, French and Spanish. Aupair exp for 6 months in Germany, worked in school. Enjoys cooking and baking and swimming. Will be au pair+
106498 Viktorija Justina
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:25 Lithuanian Email  Skype
From: Now for 2 months
NEW Speaks fluent English&French. Volunteered in primary schools in Tanzania, lots of exp with babies&toddlers. Enjoys cooking, baking and sports. Driver for 6 yrs. Au pair+
106496 Allison
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:27 American Email  Skype
From: Sep-17 for 1 month
Speaks Spanish&some French. Aupair in Spain in 2015 with ages 7&11 yrs old. Preschool teacher for many yrs with ages 5-6 yrs old. Enjoys art, hiking&horse riding. Driver for 8 yrs. Au pair+
106495 Cristina
Highly recommended
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:25 Venezuelan/Italian Email  Skype
From: Oct-17 for 5 months
Speaks English. English teacher in Kindergarten with ages 3-5 yrs old, English tutor with ages 10-12 yrs old. Enjoys reading, yoga, cooking. Driver for 7 yrs. Au pair+
106493 Jimena
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:22 Spanish Email  Skype
From: Jul-17 for 6 months
Speaks English and German. Babysitting experience with all ages and works as children's entertainer. Will be au pair+
106492 Marta
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:43 Hungarian Email 
From: Jul-17 for 6 months
Speaks English&German. Already in Switzerland, has 6 yrs childcare exp and currently nanny in Zurich. Enjoys tennis. Au pair+
106491 Maja
Nice applicant
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:20 Croatian Email 
From: Now for 6 months
Speaks English. Babysitting experience, enjoys cooking healthy meals, sports. Happy to look after pets. Will be au pair+
106490 Amaru Mary Poppins
Nanny qualifications
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:44 Spanish Email 
From: Jul-17 for 12 months
Speaks English, already in Holland. Live in nany, cook and babysittier exp. Pediatric First Aid and Red Cross certified.
106487 Raphaela
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:17 British Email 
From: Aug-17 for 12 months
NEW Speaks Dutch&French. Has been looking after sibling now aged 11 yrs old, lots of babysitting exp. Enjoys art, music&films. Will be au pair+
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