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We currently have 1662 au pairs & nannies for , the following 321 have full files:
106486 Charlotte
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:23 South African Email  Skype
From: Jul-17 for 12 months
NEW Speaks Afrikaans&basic French. Exp with a 6 months old infant, babysitting exp with ages 2&4 yrs old. Enjoys the outdoors, hiking. Driver for 2 yrs. Au pair+
106483 Dragos
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:21 Romanian Email  Skype
From: Jul-17 for 3 months
NEW Speaks Spanish, English&French. Aupair exp with a 6 months old, English teacher with ages 3-12 yrs old. Enjoys sports&music. Driver for 3 yrs. Au pair+
106482 Gabrielle
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:22 American Email  Skype
From: Jul-17 for 12 months
NEW Summer aupair exp in Spain with ages 4-14 yrs old, camp counsellor with ages 3-8 yrs old. Enjoys travelling. Driver for 5 yrs. Au pair+
106481 Prisca
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:24 Kenyan Email 
From: Aug-17 for 12 months
Speaks good English&some basic Norwegian and Danish. Currently aupair in Norway with ages 0-9 yrs old. Enjoys swimming&travelling. Au pair+
106480 Patrícia
School teacher
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:39 Portuguese Email  Skype
From: Now for 12 months
Speaks English. 2 yrs exp as a nanny, Kindergarten teacher for 8 yrs with ages 4 months up to 6 yrs old. Enjoys hiking. Will be au pair+
106478 Jess
Nice applicant
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:32 British Email 
From: Now for 6 months
Babysitting exp and looks after relatives aged 2-9 yrs old, activities leader with ages 11-15 yrs old. Driver for 14 yrs. Plays the guitar, enjoys running and swimming. Au pair+
106477 Gillian Dorothy Mary Poppins
Nanny qualifications
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:24 South African Email  Skype
From: Jul-17 for 24 months
Already in the UK/London. Qualified teacher, aupair with a 4 months old, a 5 yr old and 7 yr old. Pediatric First aid certified.
106472 Kelly
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:28 South African Email 
From: Jul-17 for 12 months
Speaks Afrikaans&English. Babysitting exp with ages 2-6 yrs old, fitness instructor with ages 6-12 yrs old. Enjoys archery, running&swimming. Au pair+
106468 Tamara
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:20 Austrian Email 
From: Sep-17 for 6-12 months
Speaks English. Babysitting experience with ages 0-14 yrs old. Enjoys dancing, drawing and baking.will be au pair+
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