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We currently have 1662 au pairs & nannies for , the following 321 have full files:
106456 Hannah
Highly recommended
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:24 British Email 
From: Now for 12 months
University educated, qualified English teacher and worked as governess. Enjoys playing rugby, cycling and cooking. Au pair+
106455 Ana
Nice applicant
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:31 Spanish Email 
From: Now for 12 months
Speaks French&English. Already in Switzerland. Over 4 yrs childcare exp in Spain&Switzerland, happy to help with cooking. Will be au pair+
106454 Anna
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:23 Italian Email 
From: Now for 3 months
Speaks German, English&Spanish. Already in Switzerland. Babysitter for 3 summers with 5 children, child leader. Enjoys dancing&running. Au pair+
106453 Michelle Mary Poppins
Superb application
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:34 Slovenian Email 
From: Now for 2 months
Speaks fluent English, German, Spanish&French. Qualified children yoga teacher and art therapist. First aid&pediatric First Aid certified. Over 15 yrs childcare exp.
106449 Cintia
Has aupair experience
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:23 Hungarian Email  Skype
From: Jul-17 for 12 months
Speaks English&German, already in Switzerland. Currently aupair for baby, looked after relatives aged1&4 yrs old. Enjoys sports and nature. Au pair+
106446 Vanity
Experience with disabled
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:21 Dutch Email 
From: Jul-17 for 6 months
Speaks English, Mandarin&Spanish. Qualified special needs teaching assistant, has exp with autism. Has pediatric First Aid. Au pair+
106445 Ani
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:49 Bulgarian Email 
From: Now for 12 months
Speaks English, French&Russian. In Switzerland and wants French area/France. English teacher with ages 5-15 yrs old, raised own children.enjoys hiking. Au pair+
106444 Katrina Mary Poppins
Highly recommended
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:24 Australian Email 
From: Aug-17 for 12 months
Qualified nanny and nurse with over 3 years experience with ages 0-12 years old. Enjoys baking, the beach, exercise. Will be au pair+
106443 Marion Mary Poppins
Nanny qualifications
Au pair Nanny Photo
Age:46 British Email  Skype
From: Now for 24 months
Qualified nanny with over 25 years experience, worked for VIP families and English teacher to preschoolers. Enjoys singing&walking.
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